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Meeting Agenda Sample

Having an agenda is the best way to keep meetings on track, but there are times when you do not have time to write an agenda from scratch. Searching for an agenda sample may work for you, but in most cases the quality of the agendas requires you to customize the sample to meet your needs.

Meeting management software like MeetingBooster include a variety of agenda samples that can be customized with little effort.

Here is a meeting agenda sample created using MeetingBooster:

meeting agenda sample

Every agenda sample should contain the following essential information:

Confirm the purpose of your meeting

The first step in creating an effective meeting agenda is confirming the purpose of your meeting.

Sample agenda goals include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Status updates
  • Brainstorming
  • Clarifying goals
  • Setting objectives

Select the topics on your agenda

Without an itemized agenda, it's too easy for a meeting to get off track. That's why the next step in creating your meeting agenda is to carefully select the specific topics to be discussed.

There can be as many possible agenda topics as there are meeting goals, but here are a few examples.

Sample agenda topics:

  • Performance statistics
  • Cost cutting measures
  • New opportunities
  • Industry trends
  • Customer retention
  • Special guests
  • Audio Visual presentations
  • Technical requirements
  • Break times

Specify the time allotted to each agenda topic

To keep your meetings on track, it is important to determine how much time will be dedicated to each topic.

To be sure that the times allotted are realistic, it may be helpful to look back at a past agenda sample to compare.

Determine the presenter of each agenda topic

The final step in creating an effective meeting agenda is designating the presenter of each agenda topic. When the agenda is distributed in advance of the meeting, this will ensure that all participants come prepared to present their assigned agenda topics.

Using a Meeting Agenda Sample

Creating a meeting agenda can be tedious if you start from scratch. So, if you don't have time to waste and are looking for a tool to help you create effective meeting agendas quickly and easily, MeetingBooster's agenda samples are a great option. Save your agenda online as your own customizable template or share your agenda sample with colleagues to align procedures.

Here are a few of the meeting agenda samples offered in MeetingBooster, which will help you prepare the agenda for your next meeting.

Agenda samples:

MeetingBooster also provides task oriented agenda samples to assign pre-meeting tasks such as budget preparation, status updates and more. Choose from a large selection of sample agendas. Any agenda sample can be easily customized for use in your organization.

Why use a MeetingBooster Agenda Sample?

MeetingBooster's agenda samples help you create agendas using these unique features:

  • Electronic topic suggestion system
  • Easy and effective tool to write and save agendas
  • Powerful topic time allotment tool
  • Pre-meeting task allocation tool
  • Automatic agenda distribution